Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Running in the sunset

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I couldn't sleep, so I went out for a late evening/midnight run instead! Runned with my sister to the lake, was approximately 7 km. A good preparation for the "midnightrun" competition in 60 days in Gothenburg, that we'll probably participate in! Anyway. Now, I'll try to sleep well before the work tomorrow.

Sweet dreams!

Rio+12 United Nation Conference

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Do you know anything special about this day?

Yes, United Nations conference on sustainable development, Rio+20, has started! I'm a ambassador for UNA of Sweden, so I should know it. But it is extra special for me... because I've written an article that will be publiced on the conference in Rio the Janeiro!

It all started some weeks ago, when the Ministry for foreign affairs/government in Sweden announced a competition for the youth (high school students) in Sweden. They asked for speeches/texts. My school participated, and then I. I thought that I wrote a really bad text, but my text turned out to be one of the best according to the Ministry for foreign affairs. Thus, they will print my text in a book that they will publish. The book will be printed in 2000 copies, and delivered out to every single delegate (from every corner on Earth) at the conference in Rio and also to every memeber of the parliament in Sweden (349 persons).
This is amazing, isn't it? :D

HERE can you find the book and my article on internet. It's on the Swedish governments homepage, so it's safe.
"The Cabinet/Government Office" in Sweden

United Nations

Tuesday, June 19, 2012


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A true, nice, 
calming, lovely 
quote before bed. 
From here. 

Good night!

Dior dresses

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I'll take exam from upper secondary school next year. Therefore, we'll have a prom! Since I'm a daughter to a designer, why shouln't I then design and sew my own dress? I've at least planned to do it, but I would like a nice one... like one of Diors! Dior has many dresses that I totally love and get inspiration from.


Not something I would like to wear, but still cool.

Ok, this isn't anything I neither would like to wear. But I love the fabric and the design.


Too transparent, but I like the way that they have designed it.

I need some colour!

Ok, this last three pictures was not with dresses.
But I had to add them this blog entry...because they are soo my style!


Bryssel with Occidenten

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As you know, I've participated in a political education. 
The participants were 15 young women from the young part of my political
 party, the christian democrats (CD). At first, we spent a week-end in Stockholm
and the Swedish government. There we met and listened to for example 
"Göran Hägglund", the chairman for CD in Sweden and other impressive/intresting
people. After that, we spent two week-ends in Gothenburg and Örebro.
During the final week-end, we went to Bryssel!

In Bryssel we visited the European parliament, the EPP (the european people's party),
JFK, the Swedish representation and finally we met/listened to Alf Svensson.
He is CD's representative in the parliament. We ate also dinner with him and his crew. 
It was so nice! 

Here is some pictures.
Before I left Sweden. I tried out my wardrobe to find some neat clothes...

The European Parliament in Bryssel.

The group. The man to the right in front, is Aron Modig - the chairman for the young christian democrats in Sweden. I'm in the front row, to the far left.

Me, with the blue leather jacket and a skirt from Aretta, my mothers brand.

We visited JFK.

Many old, caricaristic buildings with history. <3

We strolled around in the centre of the city. I loved the environment!

Been to Nyhem

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Finally. I'm done with a design on my blog that I think is at least OK. At first I had a clean, white blogdesign - but I think a more colourful image fit who I am more. Hope you like the design too!

I've been to a christian conferense (Nyhem) this week-end, so that's why I could'nt post any entries! I was at the youth week-end at "Nyhem" in south Sweden. I slept in a tent (with Salome, my twinsister) and during the days we went to several services, seminars, got to know new people and simply socialized! It was a really nice experience, acctually the first time I visited Nyhem.

I could't find any useful pictures on my mobile, so this is from


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Final day at school

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Soon...Summer vacation! Wiho! I'm on my way (on the train) to the last day of school before vacation. I can't realize that I'm soon free... but it will come, like always? :D


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