Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Rio+12 United Nation Conference

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Do you know anything special about this day?

Yes, United Nations conference on sustainable development, Rio+20, has started! I'm a ambassador for UNA of Sweden, so I should know it. But it is extra special for me... because I've written an article that will be publiced on the conference in Rio the Janeiro!

It all started some weeks ago, when the Ministry for foreign affairs/government in Sweden announced a competition for the youth (high school students) in Sweden. They asked for speeches/texts. My school participated, and then I. I thought that I wrote a really bad text, but my text turned out to be one of the best according to the Ministry for foreign affairs. Thus, they will print my text in a book that they will publish. The book will be printed in 2000 copies, and delivered out to every single delegate (from every corner on Earth) at the conference in Rio and also to every memeber of the parliament in Sweden (349 persons).
This is amazing, isn't it? :D

HERE can you find the book and my article on internet. It's on the Swedish governments homepage, so it's safe.
"The Cabinet/Government Office" in Sweden

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