Saturday, January 28, 2012


Posted by Ms. EleFancyGance at 1:06 PM
Good evening mates! I've just returned home from my aunt, where we ate a yummy dinner and discussed politics & memories. I like my relatives. ;)

But to the reason for this blog post; I need your help! I have two (english) blogs.
At first this,
"The Daughter of Elegance"and then, my new;
"The Daughter of an Angel". (Which I actually am, unluckily my mother passed away by cancer in november..)
I dunno which to choose! If you heard about those two blogs, which would you choose to "click into"/visit - if you just choose by name?It also feels like those blognames turns to different types groups of people... which makes it even harder for me to choose! Would love to hear what you think! Please! :)

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