Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Been to Nyhem

Posted by Ms. EleFancyGance at 9:22 AM
Finally. I'm done with a design on my blog that I think is at least OK. At first I had a clean, white blogdesign - but I think a more colourful image fit who I am more. Hope you like the design too!

I've been to a christian conferense (Nyhem) this week-end, so that's why I could'nt post any entries! I was at the youth week-end at "Nyhem" in south Sweden. I slept in a tent (with Salome, my twinsister) and during the days we went to several services, seminars, got to know new people and simply socialized! It was a really nice experience, acctually the first time I visited Nyhem.

I could't find any useful pictures on my mobile, so this is from



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