Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Bryssel with Occidenten

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As you know, I've participated in a political education. 
The participants were 15 young women from the young part of my political
 party, the christian democrats (CD). At first, we spent a week-end in Stockholm
and the Swedish government. There we met and listened to for example 
"Göran Hägglund", the chairman for CD in Sweden and other impressive/intresting
people. After that, we spent two week-ends in Gothenburg and Örebro.
During the final week-end, we went to Bryssel!

In Bryssel we visited the European parliament, the EPP (the european people's party),
JFK, the Swedish representation and finally we met/listened to Alf Svensson.
He is CD's representative in the parliament. We ate also dinner with him and his crew. 
It was so nice! 

Here is some pictures.
Before I left Sweden. I tried out my wardrobe to find some neat clothes...

The European Parliament in Bryssel.

The group. The man to the right in front, is Aron Modig - the chairman for the young christian democrats in Sweden. I'm in the front row, to the far left.

Me, with the blue leather jacket and a skirt from Aretta, my mothers brand.

We visited JFK.

Many old, caricaristic buildings with history. <3

We strolled around in the centre of the city. I loved the environment!


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