Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Past months

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It was a long time ago! That's because of the fact that I've had a lot to do during the past months. I've been to Bryssel and the European Parliament, to the Swedish government for education, to Berlin for a week of holiday, to Stockholm twice and the United Nations Association of Sweden for a education (I've been elected to be a ambassador for the milleninium development goals) etc.
I've also had a lot to study, since I study natural science program in high school and because of the fact that we soon end school. I'm acctually going to get my "last long" summervacation this summer!

I would like to post more blog entries this summer, so you can from now onvisit my blog more often! I will probably post some entries from the past months too, since so many things have happen.

The European Parliament in Bryssel

Me at the islands of Hvaler, in Norway.


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